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December 21, 2018

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Total Goddess Immersion

June 15, 2017



Embrace your feminine energy and find a way to balance these little things we call hormones! 

Hormones--they seem to be such a little thing but are so easily affected and so easily can affect us. 

Our hormones are affected by everything from our food to the cycles of the moon. What a balancing beam we walk on.

While we can't change the Lunar Cycle, we can Control what we eat, try to get more sleep, and reduce our levels of stress. Because the truth is that all misdirected hormones cycle back and once the hormones are out of whack then you crave more junk food, sleep terribly, And feel stressed out to the max… And who wants any of that?

So let's quit blaming our whacked out hormones on the simple cycle of the Moon and take some of our goddess feminine energy right back into our own hands. There's something incredibly empowering about being a woman, having the ability to bring life into this world. To feel the deep seeded connection to that life, or those lives--no matter where they are or what they're doing. To connect to a feminine energy that no man can possibly understand. And to know that every single mitochondria within your child came from you. They are literally a part of you. How beautiful…

So take the time to take care of yourself, to find the balance in all things: your hormones your sleep, your stress, your family, your friends, yourself. Take your power back! Because it's your life, it's your opportunity, it's your existence that will create the change that you're looking for the growth, the beauty, the empowerment, the opportunity to not only make yourself better but also the world, because one life touches another and we are all responsible for doing our part!

Start with your words, shift your thoughts, bring it all into action! But remember it all starts with your words not only the way that you talk to others but the way that you talk to yourself. You can empower yourself or you can tear yourself down... When you talk to yourself ask yourself would I talk to someone else and this way? So many times instead of empowering ourselves, we tear ourselves apart and would never speak to anyone else in the way that we speak to ourselves. Take the time to reflect, to shift, to change and see the world around you shift and change as you do so. You are a goddess--a feminine power to be reckoned with--it all starts with you!



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